Therapeutic Relaxing Yoga

Yoga is an ancient syatem of EXERCISE from India. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”. Which means to bind together,to join or to unite. It is the union of mind, body and spirit- a holistic approach to our physical and mental well being.

It is a system of exercise that combines stretching and breathing with a relaxed awareness,resulting a beautiful toned body,glowing complexion and a positive attitude towards life.

Over two thousands year ago ,Patanjali, a great Indian sage,set out the principles and practices of Yoga which he called the “Eight fold path to liberation”. This is known as Raja Yoga,the royal path or the path or to liberation.

Types of Classes :

1. Beginner’s classes : You need not be flexible or athletic or have any prior knowledge to be able to practice Yoga. You learn basics of yoga simple positions, energizing breathing exercise and relaxation techniques

2. Advance classes: After learning the basics of yoga, you attain the deeper knowledge & advance yoga exercises.

3. One to One or shared private Yoga Classes : This would help you to attain a deeper knowledge and understanding for Yoga. Yoga session according to your body type. Through greater personal attention, any mistakes are spotted and easily corrected. Whole family (more 4 persons) can get the benefit at a time.

Before starting yoga exercises Dr. S. Rani gives the consultation & asses your body through different kinds modes in pulse, tongue etc & teaches exercises according to body assessment.

Asanas :

Asanas (physical positions) give the body a wonderful feeling of rejeuvenation,flexibility and strength. The circulation improves and all muscle are strengthened simultaneously and evenly.

Pranayama (breathing exercise) increases vitality, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation . The body is filled with Prana(life energy).

Relaxation session at the end of each class, regenerate the body tremendously , strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and stimulate the healing process of the body.

Meditation leads one to inner peace, happiness and tranquility, helps generate creativity and gives positive mental strength.

Group YOGA TIME TABLE(only for ladies)

Advance Class 5.30 to 6.30 PM (MON, TUES &THURSDAY)
Beginners Class 6.45 to 7.45 PM (MON, TUES &THURSDAY)
A.+B. Class 5.30 to 6.30 PM (SATURDAY)
Every Class $12
Ten Class Package $85
Open Monthly package $125
One to one or shared private (family)class

One private class $35
Ten p. class packages $300
Odd Hrs package $400

A brief outline of the eight paths follows:

1.Yama : abstinences or Nonviolence. Not doing any physical,verbal or mental violence against yourself or others, Social conduct and examples we set for the harmonious functioning of society.

2. Niyamam : Observances or Self - improvement. Having purity in thethrough and deeds,contentment,surrender of ego and directing your life towards truth.

3. Asanas : Postures. Steady poses for a healthy functioning body that rid ourselves of physical and psychosomatics tensions.

4. Pranayam : Expansion of breath. Control of vital energy.

5. Pratyahara : Determination.Talking us away from the body image,looking within. Being centered and claim.

6. Dharana :Dedication,|concertration of mind being focused. The ability to control our energy and harness our imagination.

7. Dhyana : Meditation. Finding peace in everything.

8. Samadhi : Deep meditation or Enlightenment.

These Eight Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,enables us to understand and develop ourseves. The practice of these sutras provides a firm foundation for success. A state in which the body and mind remains in harmony under all circumstances.