Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Yoga

Becoming a mother is a very personal adventure

Yoga brings calm strength and inner balance that enables a pregnant lady to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.

Slow movements, accompanied by the flow of breath, create a grounding and nurturing effect in early pregnancy and promotes calm strength in stillness.

Standing poses in neid pregnancy provide all over strengthening of body and give a wonderful feeling of vitality while taking pressure off lower back.

Stretching poses in late pregnancy keep the base of body free from tension and prepares for bearing down lightly in Labour.

1 private class - $35
10 class package - $300

Therapeutic Antinatal Massage

Women have to go through many emotional and psychological changes during pregnancy. By increasing blood flow and oxygen intake massage allows a lady as well as baby to help in ease with new life changes.

Therapeutic massage during pregnancy helps in:

1. Relief of pregnancy related pains aches especially on back legs and other musculoskeletal stains.

2. Relief of varicose veins, increased blood and lymph circulation of controls the excessive weight gain.

3. Reduction of edema and high blood pressure.

4. More restful and restoring sound sleep.

5. Prepare the body for labor, birth and dramatically reduce the likelihood of induction, epidurals, tears and episiotomy.

6. Feeling for greater vitality and positive attitude life and baby.

60 minutes - $70
Package is also available

Postnatal Yoga (After Delivery)

The ancient self heap system of Postnatal yoga promotes mental and physical well being and balance, which is natal during time of transition or uncertainty.

After giving birth, yoga exercises i.e. breathing, stretching and relaxing help to lay deep foundations for decade of motherhood.

Stretching yoga exercise help in gradually and safety recovery not only in physical figure and muscular tone stamina to body.

After delivery, hormonal changes can easily subside after these relaxing exercises which help to renew the energy level, nurture the mother and pacify the baby.

Postnatal yoga helps to newly mother and baby in physical fitness, mental relaxation and spiritual wellbeing.

1 private class - $35
10 class package - $300

Postnatal Therapeutic Massage


Adjusting to life as a new mother is challenging, demanding, setting aside time for healing and renewal is important.
Massage on Marmapoints or acupressure points with warm herbal oils in a firm and rhythmic fashion results to:

1. Relief from aches and pains commonly experienced after childbirth.

2. Alleviate fluid retention.

3. Increases blood flow and boost up immune system.

4. Helps to get rid of unwanted flabs, tones up the muscle and help to loose the extra weight quickly.

5. Encourage the restoration of hormonal balance enhancing of happiness and peace.

6. Facilitates the healing of caesarean section birth.

7. Just after the massage ,medicated herbal steam helps to detoxify the body(part of Panchkarma).

90 minutes - $75
Package is also available